For Volunteers...

  • The Volunteers are allowed to charge a nominal fee of up to 5 Euros per day as rent for the house.

  • Once you have decided, it is a commitment between the host and the fresher. We cannot guarantee a replacement in case of any cancelations thereafter. This has to be communicated between the concerned parties.

  • Do not interfere in the privacy or personal belongings of the guest.

  • Please feel free to split the day to day living expenses with the person you are hosting.

  • Students living in a WG are obliged to inform the other members of the WG about a visitor staying with you and using the common utilities like the kitchen, bathrooms etc.

  • It is very important that you communicate well to the student how he can and can’t use your space.

  • You are not expected to give a spare key to the guests, and therefore inform the guests about your time schedule.

  • In case of any dispute, you are expected to sort it out among yourselves.

  • We would appreciate it if you share your experience and knowledge with the new students and make it a pleasant stay for them so that they feel welcome in Aachen. 🙂


  • AISA is a Non-Profit Organization and this programme is solely intended to help the freshers.
  • AISA or its volunteers will not take part in any of the disputes between the two parties.
  • AISA does not hold responsibility for any misconduct by any of the students involved.
  • We at AISA are also full-time students with exams round the corner. So kindly refrain from sending us irrelevant queries.