About BARMER...

BARMER is one of the largest public health insurance companies in Germany. It provides first-class healthcare and outstanding service with preventive courses, health apps, health communities, and health knowledge. It is more than just a health insurance company, it is a health coach and a companion.

Are you planning to study in Germany? BARMER can advise you on what you need to know regarding social insurance and what the key rules and regulations are.

Start the semester with BARMER health insurance, thus allowing you to keep your mind fully focused on your studies. Make the most of the first-class benefits and digital services!

Benefits for students:

  •      Difficulty in speaking German? Don’t worry with its best VIP service BARMER provides English speaking staff.
  •     Affordable student health insurance coverage to suite a student’s pocket for studying and traveling abroad.
  •     Guidance on how to get to Germany smoothly while you are still in India.
  •     Career and health-related workshops hosted by BARMER.
  •     Paperwork reduced to a minimum.
  •     BARMER App- Your digital office “to-go”

So what are you waiting for? Become a member with BARMER today!!

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