About AISA e.v.

Association of Indian Students in Aachen (AISA) has been conceived and established with a primary aim to preserve and increase awareness of Indian heritage through the ideals of cultural awareness, political awareness, social awareness, and community service in Aachen.

AISA serves as a platform for Indian and International students as well as community to interact and share the joy of promoting cultural integration. Our goal is to promote the awareness of cultural diversity by organizing cultural and social events on campus. While the overall purpose of the organization is stated above, there are many specific goals that AISA attempts to fulfill:

Vision to create an awareness about Indian culture on campus.
Promote growth in international understanding and fellowship.
Represent the growing community of Indian students in Aachen.
Inform the community of current issues through events and cultural programs. Mentor students moving in to Aachen for studies and make their transition a pleasant one.

Did we manage to get your attention? Come join us for one of our bi-weekly meeting.

Happy to help you with...

Indian Cultural Activities

We organise multiple events throughout the year, and you can be a part of it!

First steps in aachen

If you are moving in Aachen for studies/job and you have no idea 'what needs to be done next?'Then we can help you with first steps.

Connectivity with Alumni

We have strong network of Alumni who were part of our group, we can connect you with them.

Study Advice

Our team member have good academic records and can guide you for challenges you face while adapting to new education system.

Dance Workshops

We organise Dance workshops under the event name 'Yukti', where we try to shed light on various dance forms from India

Temporary Accommodation

We understand the struggle to get first accomodation in Aachen, specially during semester start. We can help some of you though our 'Home buddy' program.


Company number: VR 5810
Place of Registration: Amtsgericht Aachen

Registered Office:

Pontstraße 41, 52062 Aachen, Germany