The Association of Indian Student in Aachen (AISA e.V.) offers newly arrived students guidance to find accommodation in Aachen. Please refer to out Download section to to find thorough guide on ‘Housing in Aachen‘. But many a times its difficult to find an accommodation from you home country because of various reasons. Under AISA’s ‘Home buddy’ program we try to provide a temporary accommodation to the new arriving students. 

This is a platform, which would help the freshers acquire a temporary place to stay as soon as they arrive in Aachen. The idea is about an exchange of hospitality. Students who are currently in Aachen would volunteer to accommodate students who will arrive in Aachen without an immediate place to crash. The duration can be anywhere between 1 – 10 days depending on the volunteer’s convenience.

For participation please click the below link and kindly read the participation agreement carefully before registering.

Feel free to connect with us at accommodation@aisa-aachen.de