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Travelling to aachen

Do you know the efficient way of travelling to Aachen? Or are you planning to move to Aachen? This document will give you a proper guidance to travel to Aachen.

first steps in aachen

After arriving in Aachen, what is the next step ? Here is the document which will guide you in each step to follow

Health insurance

It is mandatory for every individual to have health insurance in Germany. Here is the document which will give you an information of Health Insurance

separating Trash

Are you aware of trash separation rules in Germany? This document will guide you of separating trash in Germany

Scholarship information

Are you going to start your studies in RWTH or FH Aachen? and have queries regarding scholarship, this document will provide every scholarship information and opportunities available in Germany

housing guide

Are you new in town? or you planning to move to Aachen? We understand struggle to find the accommodation in new city. This document will get you on right track to find accommodation in Aachen.

Information on sexual harassment and discrimination

The Equal Opportunity Office has written a handbook on sexual harassment and discrimination. The handbook, which is now also available in English, provides guidance on prevention, awareness, and assistance in dealing with sexual harassment and discrimination. The University’s Equal Opportunities Officers, Dr. Ulrike Brands, and Dr. Michaela Weishoff-Houben, also offer confidential advice by appointment. E-mail:  and